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Manager’s Toolkit: Cracking the Growth Code

The greatest challenge currently facing managers of commercial printing companies is to generate consistent growth of revenues and earnings. Growth is to a business enterprise what oxygen is to a living organism. In today’s market environment, sustained profitable growth is an essential requirement for long-term business success and prosperity. Companies that grow profitably will thrive. Enterprises that fail to grow consistently will, over time, begin to shrink and eventually die. It’s no secret that the market for traditional printing services is a mature market that will grow slowly, if at all, for the foreseeable future. It’s also now clear that core print manufacturing services have become commodities that produce only commodity-level profits. For the past several years, printing companies have been turning to diversification to generate faster revenue growth and higher profits. Early diversification moves usually involved the addition of new print manufacturing capabilities. But now, printing companies are venturing far beyond traditional print manufacturing to find new sources of revenue and profit growth. One of the most attractive growth opportunities for today’s commercial printers is adjacent market expansion. While adjacency expansions offer tremendous opportunities for growth, they also carry substantial risks. In this Toolkit, author G. David Dodd describes a practical four-step process that can help you win profitable growth from new markets. Note: This product is offered as a downloadable PDF file. You will be directed to our download page when you have completed checkout.



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