Point Balance provides services and resources that build high-performance in print and publishing enterprises. Focusing on the balance of strategy, process, organization, and technology, our business services deliver pragmatic and sustainable programs to advance business operations through cycle time and cost reduction, improved asset productivity, and process effectiveness.

We configure business and technical resources to address a range of projects involving strategy, performance management, process and organizational design, production, digital infrastructure, business planning and project management.

A few major Point Balance assignments include:

Process design and implementation planning for a major US retailer with more than 50 retail stores, nationally distributed bi-weekly print catalogs, and full service eCommerce web site.

Process, technology and organizational design, planning, and implementation for a major US magazine with more than 300 weekly editions.

Strategy and process design for a US publisher with more than 50 titles for print and web distribution.

Strategy, process design, and technology assessment for a North American printer with 30 plus distributed plants in three countries.

Integrated process and knowledge management implementation project for a large North American book manufacturer preparing for new technology adoption.


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