The ways that systems, processes, and organizations affect one another internally become critically important. With all engagements, Point Balance’s objective is to structure strong strategy, process, technology, and organizational components that reinforce each other offering strength with adaptability.

Activity-Based Costing Implementation Training: A complete costing system must be capable of providing accurate cause and effect cost information that managers can use in making critical business decisions. The costing system must be trusted. Companies who do not have costing systems or use outdated "arbitrary allocation" or Budgeted Hourly Rate (BHR) cost systems are blind to the economic realities of the work they perform. It is predictable that managers operating with inadequate costing systems have a distorted view of the true sources of profit and loss. It is equally probable that these managers consistently misidentify profitable activities as losers and losers as profit generators. Imagine the type of mistakes that are made and never understood!

Balanced Scorecard Implementation: The answers to a few questions can take your business to the next step. Why does your organization exist? What is important to your organization and your customers? Does your organization need to transition and change? What is the organizations game plan? Even when the answers to these questions are methodically identified, implementing strategy throughout the organization remains a significant challenge. Creating value in the eyes of your customers and actually accomplishing this goal requires a proven process.

Audits: Point Balance has significant experience across a number of application disciplines in analyzing operational and business environments. Often, companies can use help getting their bearings. Management may have ideas of what needs to be done without an understanding of the most effective way to proceed. Or, they mistake a symptom of this problem for the problem itself. Possibly, they perceive the need for radical change but, in fact, they need a report card on their readiness to successfully implement the program. We can tailor an investigation that is cost effective, timely, and articulate to provide a proactive roadmap for change.

Strategy & Planning: Print-centric organizations developing new media businesses must understand their existing operations and internal competencies in order to align their business strategy within their resource constraints. Point Balance builds business strategies capable of being effectively implemented through short- and medium-term initiatives that then fuse into your comprehensive long-term program.

Process Renovation & Technology Selection: Traditional printers and publishers must recast their process and technical infrastructures for networked and digital operations. This usually involves considering the extended supply chain and alignment with operations, policies, organizational structure, and significant partners. What are the process and operational dynamics that drive and justify technology adoption and organizational change? Buying technology without understanding your business model is counterproductive and, in today's business environment, dangerous. Point Balance applies proven process and project management principles to minimize risk and facilitate change.

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