Point Balance is a preferred professional services organization in the print and publishing industries providing executive education and consulting services that create high performance business and production operations

Point Balance was founded in 1993 (originally Meta4 Imaging, Inc.) to provide general consulting services to the graphic communications industries. Its services and tools expanded through partnership and, eventually, acquisition in 2000 to include process design and renovation, technology assessment, operational performance audits, business and competitive strategy, and case studies development.

In 2002, Point Balance expanded its focus to include intense analysis of non-direct or support expenses in the print and publishing industries. Point Balance established the Support Expense Index TM for the print industry. The SEI is used by printers to benchmark support expense efficiency using the Support Expense Efficiency Analysis. Recently, Point Balance published the first and most authoritative book on modern operational cost accounting for the print industry titled Activity-Based Costing for Printers: An Implementation Guide.



David Dodd has been advising graphic arts industry firms for over 12 years and brings more than 20 years of diverse business experience to the challenges faced by his clients. David’s current practice focuses primarily on business strategy. He works with clients to evaluate major strategic issues and options and to craft creative and effective business strategies. David also helps graphic arts firms use Balanced Scorecards to insure that well-designed business strategies are successfully executed. On the operational level, David leads clients in the implementation of activity-based costing and activity-based management programs that are designed to support product and service profitability analysis and process improvement and process redesign efforts.

Prior to joining Point Balance, David owned and managed Southern Consulting, a strategic management and marketing consulting firm based in Nashville, Tennessee. David began his professional career as an attorney specializing in corporate and commercial real estate finance work.

David is the author of numerous published articles, white papers and research studies dealing with business strategy development, activity-based costing and activity-based management, and the growing importance of one-to-one marketing and personalized print.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Middle Tennessee State University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the Vanderbilt University School of Law.
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