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The Point Balance Lean Assessment is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that enables printing company managers to evaluate how “lean” their company is today and to monitor their progress toward creating a “leaner” enterprise.

Traditional budgeted hourly cost rates, or BHR's, don't work - at least not very well. This report shows you a way to calculate BHR's that will provide you more accurate cost information and support better pricing decisions.

Want to develop better business strategy? Learn how to build and use one of the most powerful tools ever devised for developing and implementing effective, profit-building strategy - a Balanced Scorecard strategy map.

This issue contains the second installment of author G. David Dodd's in-depth analysis of pricing in the graphic communications industry. Read how throughput pricing can enable you to make more effective pricing decisions that drive improved profits.

It's no secret. In today's highly competitive business environment, printing companies must grow or die. "Cracking the Growth Code" lays out a practical four-step process for winning revenue and profit growth from new markets. It is an essential resource for managers who want their companies to achieve true long-term success.

"Pricing for Profitability" discusses the power and importance of effective pricing for today's graphic communications companies and explains how to use value-based pricing to win business-sustaining prices in difficult markets.

BOOK - Activity-Based Costing at CMYk Communications provides an in-depth and detailed description of the most critical task in any ABC implementation, constructing the ABC cost model. This essential resource also contains examples of the documents needed to build a company's first ABC cost model.

BOOK - Activity-Based Costing for Printers is the first book regarding activity-based costing that has been written specifically for printing company managers. It uses print specific examples to provide guidance in the design and implementation of ABC-based cost management systems.

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