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Activity-Based Costing for Printers: An Implementation Guide

The printing industry is currently experiencing a rapid onslaught of fundamental changes. For the past several years, real print sales have grown more slowly than the overall U.S. economy, and this underperformance will likely continue for the foreseeable future. Moreover, commercial printing companies now face an ever-increasing level of competition from new methods of communications, most of which are enabled by Internet technologies. In short, today’s commercial printers face a competitive environment that differs dramatically from anything they have faced in the past. Despite these fundamental changes, most printing companies continue to use a management accounting and costing system that was designed for a simpler, less competitive time. This book guides you step by step through the process of implementing a new management accounting and costing system that will effectively meet the needs of this new age of competition. Activity-Based Costing for Printers describes activity-based costing in a clear and concise manner and provides commercial printing firms with a roadmap for a successful ABC implementation. Activity-based costing is an essential management tool for twenty-first century commercial printing enterprises, and this book is a must have resource for learning to master it.



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